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Promote efficiency and develop strong, loyal customer relations with FrontRange Voice which extends the functionality of other FrontRange software products by making them accessible over the telephone. Designed with small to medium-sized and distributed enterprises in mind, Voice provides a call center solution which gives growing businesses the flexibility to compete with larger industry players.

Futures :

  • Advanced skills-based routing - Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the appropriate agent handles each call with skills-based and data-directed routing rules.
  • Web-based voice application builder - Change the messaging to your customers or adjust call routing options with this easy-to-use GUI application.
  • CTI screen pops - Authenticate your customers, bring the right ticket or contact to the screen when the customer calls.
  • Real-time and historical reporting - View real-time data and tap into 40 pre-built historical reports through an easy-to-use graphical dashboard..
  • Agent dashboard - Drive higher volumes of calls per agent by making it easier to deploy, support, and change in any environment. Monitor queue depths in real time. See your agent presence to know who is on call, who is on break and why, and who is available by queue or service team.
  • Virtual agents - Reduce mundane call center duties and increase job satisfaction by using this contact management software to automate tasks, while also giving customers the option to talk to a valued staff member at any time.
  • Integration with business applications - Seamlessly integrate with front- and back-end applications such as
    GoldMine® and HEAT® , ITSM® as well as other CRM, service management, and ERP systems.
  • Automated Ticket Creation - Regardless of the time of day, or whether agents are available, your callers can create
    service tickets and have them routed to the appropriate queues automatically.
  • Automatic Status Updates - let your customers know the status of their service tickets through email or automated phone calls.
  • Automatic Ticket Closure - If you have a ticket that needs closing, but the customer hasn't cofirmed? The system can handle collecting feedback automatically.
  • Self Service Password Reset - Let your customers reset their system or windows domain passwords automatically, freeing your agents to handle more complex and compelling tasks.
  • Quality Management - Supervisors have access to call monitoring, whisper coaching, barge, call recording and quality scoring to ensure continuous improvement of your call center agents.

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