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Improve productivity, reduce costs with an easy-to-use maintenance system

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Available as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) system, the software gives you the features you need for work orders, preventive maintenance, asset management, inventory, purchase orders, and reports. Yet MicroMain™ Maintenance Management is easy to learn and simple to use.

Take Control
With MicroMain software, you can take control of your maintenance operation. The software is very flexible, so you can use it in the way that makes the most sense for your organization.

You can:

  • Use detailed work orders or simplified quick tickets
  • Show tabs or hide them
  • Easily set the alerts you want
  • Send work orders via email, printers, or handhelds
  • Use wireless or cradle for mobile devices

MicroMain realizes that every maintenance operation handles requests, work orders, and reports a little differently. So we make sure you’re able to:

  • Set your own parameters for work requests
  • Automatically populate routine work orders with shop, priority, time allotted, etc.
  • Schedule needed frequencies for preventive maintenance
  • Use extensive filtering options to generate exactly the report you need

Unlike other vendors, MicroMain makes its software available “open.” This unprecedented offering gives you complete solution control and flexibility. By having access to the source code, you have the option to use your own staff or third-party programmers for any needed customizations. You can customize core functionality to suit your needs, modify parts of the program, or create your own custom reports.


Get More Done in Less Time
MicroMain Maintenance Management is designed to help you save steps, work smart, and get more done in less time.

When setting up your system, it helps to be able to:

  • Designate automatic alerts for your critical tasks
  • Bundle assets with easy parent-child relationships
  • Memorize and recall your standard tasks
  • Determine pick-list choices for service requests
  • Use barcode control numbers for assets and labor
  • Clone assets
  • Schedule PMs with easy calendar control

Because the software is easy to use, most users quickly master the basics and use options to enhance their current operations. For some, it’s posting work orders to Microsoft Outlook. Others use color-coded visual work order scheduling, simple check-off inspection points, and filters for reports.

Users with an extensive parts inventory appreciate being able to easily view up-to-date inventory info and set up easy cross-referencing for parts. With MicroMain, you can also auto-add parts to purchase orders when inventory is low.

With work orders, you can get more done in less time by:

  • Creating corrective work orders from failed inspections
  • Automatically checking warranties
  • Issuing and printing by batch
  • Pre-assigning labor for preventive maintenance tasks
  • Automatically printing documents with work orders

You can also save time by:

  • Using projects to consolidate related work
  • Creating work orders on the fly
  • Viewing histories at a glance
  • Automatically populating info for your services
  • Printing your own barcode labels

Expand Functionality
Many organizations are using Pocket PCs, barcode scanners, and other technologies to improve efficiency. With MicroMain software, you can use mobile functionality to scan parts for physical counts, download/upload work orders wirelessly, and create work orders on the fly. You can also receive work requests via the Internet and use email notifications for these requests.

Additional functionality also allows you to save time and increase efficiency by:

  • Tracking tools so they’re available when you need them
  • Linking your asset data to facility drawings
  • Assessing the condition of your assets and buildings
  • Tracking personnel moves within your facility
  • Cataloging deferred maintenance needs
  • Tracking keys and keyholders
  • Developing capital plans for your facility
  • Uploading timesheets electronically

Track Costs
MicroMain helps you with the bottom line—saving money. By improving your work processes, using resources effectively, and decreasing expensive demand or emergency work, you will realize cost savings.

Many reports in MicroMain offer budget comparisons, cost analyses, time-and-cost or time-and-charge analyses, cost estimates, charge back, and cost summary information. Total cost of ownership (TCO) reports for assets provide valuable information, as do month-to-date, year-to-date, and life-to-date costs per part or asset. This information is also used to create productivity and trend analyses.

The drill-down details will help you see areas for improvement. By tracking costs, you will be able to analyze labor productivity, compare budgets by shop, assign contract costs to accounts or assets, identify highest maintenance costs, and more.


See the Benefits
In addition to tracking cost-related data, you can use MicroMain software to show additional results, including:

  • Reporting responses to service requests
  • Tracking equipment downtime
  • Showing safety, lockout/tagout, and related data
  • Tracking pass/fail percentages for inspection points
  • Managing fleet maintenance
  • Tracking average time for completing tasks

The software also helps users improve their management of suppliers, vendors, and contractors. You’ll also be able to note improvements related to contracts, customer surveys, parts inventory, and purchase orders.

With MicroMain, you can use the hundreds of standard reports included with the software to track trends and take steps for improvement. You can also create specific reports, as needed, through easy filtering or customization.

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