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In today's world, an IT department's responsibility no longer ceases at fixing PCs; it has evolved into a department that plays a major role in the success of an organization. StrategyConsult realizes the importance of the Information Technology in a success of an enterprise.

Being a consultancy firm that starts with the basics of understanding the business needs and works to provide an amicable solution that satisfies the business need in the expected price and time frame, StrategyConsult has made a place for itself in the CRM domain across the Middle East.

StrategyConsult, started with a modest beginning, is now operating across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt and Qatar with its multi-tasking core team and associates.


"We strive to be recognized as an organization that provides products and solutions of value to its customers to meet their business objectives at an acceptable price that brings benefit to its stake holders and society at large"


•  Putting clients first

Putting clients' first means many things. Sometimes it means moving mountains. Often it means moving quickly. It always means identifying and meeting clients' needs and measuring our performance by the standards they set. Building strong client relationships and consulting with clients, not at them, to deliver clear value for money sets us apart from our competitors.

Integrity in all our dealings with clients and with each other

StrategyConsult is a place where personal and professional integrity is paramount. This > means we trust and respect both our clients and colleagues and actively defend our >principles. >principles.

•  Excellences in all we do

Put simply, this means striving to be the best in whatever we do. It also means recruiting the best people. Our clients rightly expect work of the highest quality-accurate, valuable, on time, on budget with no surprises.

•  Creativity, innovation and diversity of thought

We support creativity and innovation. We respect thought leaders, not hierarchy. We welcome new ideas and help our people to deliver world-class solutions for clients. We roll up our sleeves and attack problems with all the energy, resources and innovation thsituation requires.



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